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Stop Dieting and Start Eating




It’s time to set the record straight! This is not a book about dieting, because it’s evident that diets don’t work; we’ve seen it or experienced it over and over again.

This book is about understanding how food works within our body—how certain foods will keep you healthy while others will contribute to your weight and health issues. It’s about making the right choices and never feeling hungry or deprived in the process.

Stop Dieting and Start Eating will teach you

  • why counting calories makes no sense;
  • what foods trigger weight gain and what foods stimulate weight loss;
  • why cutting your calories may actually make your body hoard fat;
  • what five ingredients in our foods are creating major hormonal disruption;
  • how much protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and water your body really needs; and so much more!