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Multiple times a month for the last few years, Tony sits down and discusses and informs about new health trends, provides valuable Nutrition information, explains how to treat your body better with exercises, at home and in the gym fitness guidance, and more.

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I’m Nutrition & Fitness Coach Tony, over the last 3 plus decades I’ve helped thousands of folks, just like you, who felt stuck and confused take back control of their own health.

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Get Your Lean On

A Sensible Approach to Permanent Weight Loss

Get Your Lean On will not only give you the recipe for weight-loss success, it will also enrich your understanding of what it will take in keeping it off while enhancing your health and quality of life.

Stop Dieting & Start Eating

The Secret to Mastering a Healthy Life

Start understanding how our body works — which foods will keep you healthy, and which contribute to your weight and health issues. It’s about making the right choices and never feeling hungry or deprived in the process.

The Dirty Little Secrets Hidden On Our Food Labels

Understanding Nutritional Labels

Believe it or not, our food labels are being manipulated by food marketers leveraging government loopholes. The will teach you how to detect faulty marketing tactics to ensure you are picking the best and healthiest products possible for you and your family!