12 Week – Virtual Weight Loss Coaching Program

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12 Week – Virtual Weight Loss Coaching Program




Finally Slim & Healthy FOREVER

It’s Time to Rethink Weight Loss

Chronic dieting is harmful to you both physical and mental health. Plus, most people who lose weight through restrictive dieting programs normally regain their weight and many end up even heavier.

Dieting can also make it harder to lose weight in the future. Rather than trying to lose weight by using a cut calorie approach, such as a fad or commercial diet plan, try a healthier, more sustainable option.

Try my virtual – Finally Slim & Healthy FOREVER Program

Losing weight shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, statistics are pretty clear that if you try to change too many things all at once it becomes extremely confusing and overwhelming. However, by making small, incremental adjustments weekly, weight loss can become easy and nearly effortless.

That’s the Finally Slim & Healthy FOREVER Approach.

Weekly Action Plan

Each week, for 12 weeks, you will receive one PDF booklet with your assigned action plan to work on. This single weekly step will empower you with one small adjustment you will need to make in your current diet to make weight loss “automatic” without ever having to worry about calories, portions or counting points.

Sum – Nutritional Background

As a Nutrition & Weight loss Coach and someone who’s helped thousands of folks lose weight, I’ve gotten way less interested in telling people what to eat and far more excited about helping people understand how different foods work within their body “biologically”.

This simple shift away from the traditional (eat this/don’t eat that) classic diet approach to a step-by-step curriculum style approach (eating the foods you like, based on my scientifically backed theories) has helped me empower thousands of people, who were stuck and confused, just like you, take back control of their own weight and health.

This is how I’ve been able to take a short-tern quick fix (traditional dieting) and turn it into a long-term solution.

Would you like to be next? Try my Virtual Nutrition Program. You’re just 1 click away for having the body and health you truly deserve.

Coach Tony, CNS, CMT


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