8 Week Body Transformations

Customer Reviews

Linda S.

How do I explain how meeting with Coach Tony has changed our lives? I came to him after my Doctor told me to lose weight or start taking medication to head off diabetes.  I had a pituitary tumor removed in my 30s, and it affected my metabolism. I am hypothyroid, and losing weight has been a struggle for years.

Tony takes the time to really teach you why your body behaves the way it does. Once you understand the principles of nutrition you find yourself looking at food completely different.  I will admit I was a sugar addict.  The first week of giving it up was hard, but so worth it.  I don’t have the cravings anymore.

Tony walks you through the changes in your lifestyle week by week, so you never feel overwhelmed, or hungry. There are so many choices available to you that you don’t ever feel deprived.

My A1C has dropped from 6.5 to 5.7 so far, and my doctor is thrilled. My goal is 5.4.

My husband joined me on this journey and has lost all of his extra weight. I continue to lose weight at a consistent rate, about a pound a week. Slow and steady, no big drops, but no plateaus either. I am looking forward to where this path will take me.  One thing for sure, it will never take me back to where I was!

Linda S.

Aiko S.

My introduction to Tony was through my son who took part in several of Tony’s 8 week body transformation programs. My son would continually tell me what he was learning from Tony regarding fitness and nutrition.

Of course interested, I asked questions, a lot of questions, apparently too many because eventually my son said to me, “Mom, just join Tony’s program yourself.”

And so I did.

I joined Tony’s program because, at 66, I was feeling every bit of my age and I knew my nutritional needs were not being met.

In just a short time, I was amazed at what Tony and I have been able to achieve not just physically but mentally as well. I feel strong, I feel fit, and I am now giving my body the correct nutritional balance it deserves.

More importantly, beyond the obvious physical results, is the other profound change Tony has caused in me. I am forever changed because of the knowledge and expertise Tony has, and his ability to convey it so that I can make it my own.

Tony’s enthusiasm and love of life is so infectious that you can’t help but follow in his positive path. He encourages you to work hard so that you can achieve the results you want, and encourages his clients to believe that the only limitation we have is our own self-doubt.

He continually reminds us that “If you believe it, you can achieve it” and that is the mantra I now live by.

It’s a rare and precious thing to have somebody change your life in such a positive way. Tony is that agent of change for me and I feel so fortunate to have him in my life now. But I am even more fortunate for the life changes he has given me that I will carry with me forever.

Aiko S.

Joann M.

Not only did I reach my weight loss goal, I exceeded it! But many of the true gifts that I wasn’t even thinking about actually surpassed why I started this journey in the first place!

A few years back I saw one of Tony’s presentations at my workplace. I was intrigued by what he had to say, but since I’m not a morning person and I had to be at work by 7 each day, I just felt this wasn’t for me – at least not at that time, anyway. I did, however, sign up for his free e-newsletter and followed him on Facebook regularly.

After retirement I became pretty much a couch potato and my blood work numbers were going in the wrong direction. So, this last fall, when I read one of Tony’s newsletters about an upcoming 8 Week Body Transformation class, I decided to give him a call. I knew about his nutrition coaching program, but felt I needed a little extra nudge physically as well. I also knew that if I didn’t see results and feel better, it would not be something I’d be willing to do for the long haul.

I saw the before and after pictures that Tony regularly posted, and was relieved to see that some of his clients were close to my own age – that was a big plus! In that first meeting, Tony assured me that I would work at my own pace – no, that’s not quite right – rather, at a pace that was right for me. He filled me with confidence that I really COULD do this.

Everything he said in that meeting just made sense. I liked that he wasn’t pushing supplements. I agreed with his whole foods concept, and that processed foods should be avoided. Tony assured me that the cholesterol and blood sugar numbers would improve, and although I did believe him, I was literally blown away when after just 4 weeks my cholesterol was down 58 points and triglycerides (always a high number for me and my family) were down 111 points, to 96!

I know that I have changed the way I eat for good. I no longer have trouble choosing foods that are good for me – good food choices just make me feel so much better, why would I go back to old habits that zap my energy and jeopardize my health? My meals are very satisfying – I’m never left hungry and I don’t over eat.

Exercise has become something I look forward to! I have confidence in myself once again and I really enjoy shopping for clothes again. My body looks as young on the outside as I feel on the inside.

Thanks Tony for having confidence in me, for pushing me, and for making me feel great about what I have accomplished with your guidance!

Joann M.

Jeanette E.

When my doctor first diagnosed the Type 2 Diabetes, she told me she wanted my fasting blood sugars to remain below the 150 mark. I didn’t think that would be a problem. However, I didn’t change much in my diet/exercise routine, and eventually those fasting blood sugars rose to 150 plus! I knew I was headed for a future of prescribed drugs to control what I couldn’t… and that was simply not okay with me.

My weight had not been an issue in my early years. I was generally underweight and as a child the medical community was always trying to fatten me up. In my forties I gained but was still able to lose when I put my mind to it… then my 50’s came along and it became more of a struggle. At the time of the diabetes diagnosis I was pushing 200 and that weight was creating havoc on my 5’5” frame. I had incredible knee pain, my asthma was out of control – I was using my inhaler several times a day, and I had no energy at all.

I knew I needed to “take the bull by the horns” and tackle this thing head on, but where to begin? The doctor had encouraged me to follow a rather restrictive diet plan that I’d failed miserably. Exercise was out because of the knees and the asthma – at least anything strenuous enough to help. I had no idea where to go for help.

I looked through the plethora of diet books on my own book shelf and scoured the library for anything that might lead me in the right direction and to the healthy state I so desperately wanted.  Nothing struck me as something that would give me that success for the long term. Like with many of the plans I’d tried previously, they were only short-term fixes – not lifestyle changes.

Then I stumbled across the ‘Get Your Lean On’ program online one day, and after reading a short synopsis of Tony’s plan my interest was piqued. I didn’t have to count calories! I didn’t have to measure portions! It made so much sense! I always did feel that if I just ate what was right, I didn’t necessarily have to eat less. You see, I like to eat! No, I love to eat!

When I downloaded Tony’s book, I devoured it! I read it, took notes, and began a journey that was nothing short of miraculous! I had been totally addicted to sugar, but with Tony’s guidance and the help of his book I was able to get myself off sugar. The cravings disappeared and I learned to make better choices in regard to what I was putting in my mouth.

Within a few short weeks I saw many changes take place. By my 4th month, I’d lost 35 pounds, my asthma was well under control – use of inhaler is now rare, the knee pain disappeared, and my energy returned. But best of all, I recently got my blood work back and I am NO LONGER A DIABETIC! My doctor has taken me off all the medications she’d put me on to protect kidney and heart (which are a concern for a diabetic). My cholesterol and triglycerides are all in a healthy range once again.

There are no words to describe the euphoria that is experienced when you get your health and vitality back after knowing the alternative to that route. I had eaten myself into a very unhealthy state and was on a total path of destruction. With ‘Get Your Lean On’ I managed to eat myself out of that state. The plan is so well laid out and easy to follow. The recipes are wonderfully simple and very satisfying. I would never in a million years have thought I could make so many positive changes in so short a time… just by enjoying my food.

Thank you to Tony and his ‘Get Your Lean On’ program for literally saving my life!

Wendy M.

When I first heard about Tony it was through his success with my mother’s health. I watched her health deteriorate and I was fortunate enough to be able to watch her health improve!

My own family had been struggling for years with weight loss and everything we knew to work seemed to not be working anymore. We had experimented with diets such as the Fireman’s Diet, We used recipes from the Weight Watchers cookbook, and I made menus based off the food pyramid.

Our exercise consisted of a Hoist machine, elliptical, hand weights, bike riding, walks….all of these with no success, which only led to discouragement and quitting.

When I first purchased Tony’s book I did the reading, then immediately made up my bi-weekly menu, made up my grocery list and said NOT ONE WORD to my family about our soon to change food habits. The whole family started eating RIGHT, right with me; the changes are nothing short of AMAZING!! Compliments……no complaints!

For my daughter Marisa (14) she is a tiny build, a dancer, so it seemed like she didn’t have weight to lose. Although I saw her gaining a bit of bulge around her tummy and her arms didn’t seem as firm as they used to be she was still tiny and little did we know that her small 5’2″ , 115 pound frame was about to experience an immediate 12 pound loss. She lost that in the first week and has continued to maintain what seems to be a more normal weight for her at 103.

Another thing I noticed was Marisa’s mood swings, they also became more stable as we took the sugar out of her diet and her concentration with her studies has improved so much that she no longer needs me to stand over her to keep her focused.

My husband (41) had already lost about 40 pounds and that weight loss came so slowly for him which can be a discouragement for anyone. But with his joining us Tony’s way, he lost an additional 20 pounds in 6 weeks, (1/2 of what he lost in a year!) which was the fastest his weight loss had come for him. He is completely reenergized and feeling much more positive about his changes. As his wife I have the right to say, he is my pickiest eater and he was so surprised by the meals. I can’t tell you how much easier that made MY life!

My step daughter, Sydney, also 14, has impressed us the most. On a daily basis she suffered from a sour stomach that controlled her life. Nightly she needed Tums, Rolaids, Mylanta ….something to curb that pain. Sometimes it was so bad she would wind up vomiting.

Since eating Tony’s plan, she has had IMMEDIATE results; Sydney has not suffered from any of the above mentioned. And now with her 27 pound weight loss over the last 12 weeks, it isn’t just the weight loss people notice but her skin is clearing up. She suffered from a bad case of acne and now….we see that pretty face emerging! She personally loves Tony, he, to her, made her “feel better”!!! We are so thankful too, as parents it is difficult to watch your kids suffer thinking we are helpless. Tony has not only taken that away, but made us as parents more confident because he gave us the tools we had been missing.

Myself, (46) well, I was on a fast track to beating my mother at her ailments. I had always had to work harder it seemed than the average person to keep my weight down and at one point in my life in my 20’s the Firemans Diet along with lifting weights had been a huge success for me “ So I thought”.

Seven years ago I started to see the weight gain, I tried that Fireman’s Diet again, with no success and this time the gym was in my basement! I couldn’t believe it; I was so let down that I gave up. Then my husband bought me a new bike, that was unsuccessful as well and I quit.

I had put on over 60 pounds over that seven years and couldn’t figure out why it had become so difficult to manage and to take off.  I was experiencing a lot of pain, pains I never felt before, knees, feet, and all my joints. Sometimes it came in form of anxiety and I seriously thought I was having a heart attack.  Going up and down stairs was a struggle, walking became painful and bike riding….no way. The nightly heartburn was something I shared with Sydney, we often laughed at meeting each other before bed for our nightly dose of Tums! Then there was the pain and swelling in my feet, so embarrassing and let’s not even talk fashion. For 46, this just couldn’t be my truth! But I had in fact……given up. I quit!

And now, here I am 12 weeks later and 32 pounds lighter. The inflammation is gone, the pain is gone, I have had no heartburn, no anxiety and now I offer to go to the basement instead of delegating to my kids. I played volleyball with my kids this weekend and enjoyed it! I see the difference in Tony’s way compared to other diet’s I have tried. THIS feels a bit more like the TRUTH I wanted for my life and I owe it to Tony and his desire to share his knowledge with all of us. It takes love and compassion to do just that! Tony’s knowledge has changed the lives of every member of my family and not being biological….but a “blending” family should say a mouthful!

Good Luck to you and your next step to success and a huge Thank you to Tony!!

Ryan B.


I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the knowledge, help, support you have offered me as I work toward my weight loss and fitness goals. I want to offer my story for you to share with the Get Your Lean On community and for those considering one of your programs……….

About a year ago I decided that I had enough of living my life with extra pounds. I’ve always been heavy throughout my life. I was by far the heaviest I had ever been. I realized that my health was starting to suffer from my poor eating habits, and lack of physical activity. I had high blood pressure, and I was suffering with back problems. A blood test showed my “numbers” were not good. I looked and felt run down, and I was starting to lose focus on the important things in life. I knew my weight was the problem.

Like many, I started working out thinking it would be enough to make a significant difference in my weight. After two months of working hard at the gym, and seeing very little in terms of results, I knew I needed to make a change to my diet. I also knew I had no idea how to successfully eat properly to lose weight.

Fortunately, my wife has worked with Tony on a few of his ventures over the years, so I knew exactly where to turn with my questions. As soon as I reached out to Tony he helped me put his Get Your Lean On plan in motion. That was the point when I started to see real change.

Not only was the plan itself important, but Tony’s approach was important. Tony challenged me to come up with and focus on the real reasons I wanted to make a change. I came up with nine very personal and emotional reasons to lose weight and get healthy. I still think about those reasons today, as I continue my weight loss journey.

I’ve been following the Get Your Lean On lifestyle for about ten months. In that time, I lost fifty (50) pounds. I have also significantly increased my strength, stamina, and muscle size. I feel like the athlete I used to be in high school again. I frequently hear from people “you look like a new man,” or “I hardly recognize you,” among many other complements.

It’s not just what you can see on the outside either. I had another blood test at a health screening recently. This time, my blood pressure was completely normal, and all of my “numbers” were in the recommended ranges.

Although, there have been challenges and frustrations along the way, Tony has always been there to share encouragement and offer advice. I am still working toward my ultimate goal of losing a total of eighty pounds. I can tell you, I have made significant progress in ten months. I know I will achieve my goal as long as I stay on the plan. It’s easy, because I am never hungry, and I have great energy. I abused my body for many years with overeating, sugar, and processed food. Get Your Lean On offered me a permanent solution I will follow for the rest of my life.

For anyone looking to significantly improve your health, and lose weight, you need to find a way to work with Tony. Buy his book, or get his Unleash Your Healthy program, or join his boot camp. Make the commitment because I am living example it is worth it. I truly believe Tony is answering the call of his life’s work to help you achieve your goals, and that is something special.

Dione W.

I did not want to wait until the end of the journey (or what I am calling “the beginning of my new and permanent lifestyle), to write you this letter. Expressing gratitude has always been significantly important to me and I really want to do this one right. Tony, I know you would be perfectly happy with me just saying, “Thanks a lot Tony, we are doing it!” but I wouldn’t be. So here goes…

Even at my heaviest weight, I was never one to be low on confidence or self-esteem, but where I lacked strength was in believing in my ability to lose this weight. I just lived with it and for the most part, wasn’t overly bothered by it until I reached my breaking point. That’s when I contacted you. From the moment I met you and we discussed the plan, I felt an immediate energy – it was strong and it felt right. I knew then and there (I really did), that you were the person that would help me achieve this goal; you were the one that would provide me with the tools that would not only work for me, but FIT with the person that I am. Your confident approach, awareness of self and confidence in your knowledge and abilities was evident from day one. I knew that if I really wanted this, it could be mine and you would be right there supporting and pushing me along.

Not giving up is a HUGE, personal victory for me. I feel like a WINNER!! I did it!! The journey continues, I WILL continue with my lifestyle as well as achieve and maintain my ideal weight in the near future – whatever that weight might be!!

I am on a new and exciting path. I am healthy and strong and day by day, my body represents those feelings!! It’s incredible all of the wonderful things that have happened to me since embarking on this journey. Most importantly, I am healthier and stronger AND my quality of life has and is continuing to improve.

So, with all that said, I wanted to THANK YOU!!! Thank you for your time, your support, your knowledge, your encouragement, YOUR PATIENCE, your sincere and genuine caring nature! Thank you for helping me to save my own life!!! Thank you for believing in me from day one and NEVER ONCE judging me for how fat or unfit I was. When I first saw you and how physically fit you were, I wondered if in your mind you thought to yourself, “how could she have let herself get so out of shape!” But never once did you ever make me feel that way and I appreciate it! You were one of my loudest cheerleaders and I truly thank you for that.

Thank you for all of the kick-ass routines and meal plans. I have cussed many, many times in the wee hours of the morning as I pushed through the training but it was all worth it! LOL!! Thank you for answering ALL of my NUMEROUS questions, regardless of how silly they were! THANK YOU!!

You are so good at what you do. Your obvious passion for fitness is contagious! This is what you were born to do! Really!!

I know that the best way that I can repay you for all you’ve done and are doing for me is by continuing to live this healthy lifestyle and taking care of my body, respecting my body. I promise you Tony, I WILL!! You’ve shown me the way and I will always appreciate you for it!

I don’t know what else to say, except, thank you!

Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for the wisdom and confidence you have shown while training me to be the best I can be. Your influence on my life is immeasurable. The knowledge and skills you have taught me will stay with me for my lifetime. Your presence and guidance in my life eternally holds a place in my heart as trainer a nutrition coach and a friend.

Thank you!

Mike & Kathleen H.

Since starting Tony’s nutrition plan in April 2014 my wife and I have had some pretty good success. The great thing about Tony’s plan is that he lays it all out for you. It’s SIMPLE. The reason it works for us is that we’re doing it together so it’s easy to prepare meals; and we hold each other accountable. The best thing about the program is that you’re eating every three hours – so you’re NEVER hungry!! There’s nothing better than losing weight and NOT starving yourself. I actually have to stay on my wife to make sure she eats ALL of her meals. If you’ve ever struggled to lose some weight or have fallen on and off diets – I would HIGHLY recommend Tony’s book and/or program – GET YOUR LEAN ON. If you follow his program – you WILL get results!!! I have lost 30 pounds in 8 weeks (with some exercise). And my wife has lost 24 pounds just by following the nutrition plan. Here is what my wife (Kathleen) has to say about the program:

I began Tony B’s nutrition program in April along with my hubby. While my husband does the full nutrition and workouts, I only do the nutrition side of the program.

To preface this, I have a very strong sweet tooth and love breads of all kinds (not the best foods for a person), so I was a bit apprehensive about this worrying that I would be hungry all the time and I would not be able to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Well, let me tell you without a doubt and in all honesty the hunger pains never showed up, truly! As a matter of fact I had to force myself to eat the mid afternoon snack. To me it was too much food. By the time dinner rolled around I couldn’t believe it was time to eat AGAIN!! This is a great feeling.

My sweet tooth declined after the first week and I never looked back; I am thrilled as this was my real worry.

After 7 weeks on the program I have lost 24 pounds and I am thrilled. I thank Tony for his nutrition expertise and the constant encouragement he gives to people, he never gives up on them.

I love going to the closet and trying on clothes that I couldn’t get into before, it’s like shopping in your home.

Thank you again Tony for the new me and a newer me coming soon.

Cheryl L.

I will always remember February 26th, 2015 for that is the day my life changed forever, that is the day my husband introduced me to Tony Bednarowski.  I remember hiding behind my husband because I was so embarrassed about how fat and sick I had become. Tony was great, he was not judgmental, he was kind and made me feel at ease, but more important he was confident his Get Your Lean On program would help me.


Wow was he right, you see just the month before the Doctor had said that I had one more chance to get my diabetes under control or she would put me on insulin. I was 75 pounds overweight, I had triglycerides at 516 (heart attack waiting to
happen), I was tired, physically and emotionally all the time and my body ached from head to toe.

At 56 years old I was taking 7 different pills a day, for high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux, high cholesterol and the Dr was saying I should take something for the diabetic pain in my feet. I remember saying to my husband God can take my anytime, I’m just in such pain. So my husband said enough and brought me to Tony.

My life has changed so drastically it has been amazing. With Tony’s, nutritional coaching and his Get Your Lean On program I have become a whole new person, I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done, Tony gave me life back not my old life a new and improved healthy life!

Today 8 months later I have lost 62 pounds but that is a perk, more importantly my diabetes is now well controlled with “NO Medication”, my triglycerides went from 516 to 95 I no longer take medication for anything!

It used to take every ounce of energy to pull myself up a flight of stairs, now I am running 2 miles a day and training for a 5K this summer! Get Your Lean On has been a life saver literally for me, I shudder to think where I would be if I had not met Tony, I am forever indebted.

Get Your Lean On has taught me how to eat for the best possible nutrition, the recipes are delicious, well thought out and there are many to choose from.  I have never felt better and I owe it to Tony and Get Your Lean On, thank you so much Tony for your kindness, encouragement, your knowledge and most of all your passion to help folks like me. I thought I was a lost cause, but you showed me I had so much potential and so much life to live yet!

Thanks Tony, you stuck with me through my ups and downs, my frustrations and challenges, you never gave up on me and for that I am forever thankful.

Cheryl L

Josh O.

From last year to now I sometimes never imagined I would get to this point. I was always one to easily make an excuse due to being lazy, repeatedly saying I am going to start tomorrow. Well a lot of tomorrows came and went taking no action which only made me more tired, sluggish and depressed. There were even days I wouldn’t even get out of bed at all due to being embarrassed and depressed or just being so fatigued from eating crappy.

It got so bad in fact that I wouldn’t even get up to go to work any longer. YES, I had lost total self-control and self-esteem. What seemed like simple tasks became an overbearing struggle.  Things that were just so common to most like taking a showering and washing my clothes became exhausting chores. You could say I was just simply depressed and out of touch with reality.

Finally one day I had just had enough so I signed up for Tony’s program. Tony taught me that not just working out but eating right would be my ticket to freedom, health and happiness and with his guidance the pounds just started coming off. It was an awesome and enlightening experience……..Hard – you bet, but worth it.

Since losing weight, 81 pounds to date,  I’ve regained my confidence and energy not to mention my health has changed tenfold.  I no longer sleep all day and actually look forward to tackling each new day with new zest. I have now made healthy eating a part of my everyday plan. I have taken this Life changing experience as serious as I have taken my 5 ½ years of sobriety and the rewards have been countless.

I hope my story inspires other to take the step I have taken. It has not only been a life changer, it may have actually saved my life. I am fortunate to have had Tony in my corner not only as my coach but as a real friend as well.  Thank you Tony for being the inspiration and kick in the butt I needed. I grateful to have my life back!

Thanks again Coach Tony

Josh O. – AKA J-bone

Lisa k.

I started my journey with Tony and Get Your Lean On almost 4 months ago.

I have to say “Thank you Tony” for believing in me and starting me on this path. With your knowledge, guidance and support I have taken control of my life, making nutritious and satiating food choices.
I am already down a substantial amount of weight, well on the way to my goal. My energy level increased within the first couple of weeks and continues to increase.

I have tried other “diet programs” such as Weight Watchers and found counting points to be too much trouble and it had taken more than twice as long to lose the same amount of weight. To put a point value on a piece of cake doesn’t make too much sense to me, at least not anymore.

I also tried LA Weight Loss and found that between the supplements and bars it was costing more money than it was worth trying to lose the weight.  And lastly, there was CTS360 through Complete Nutrition where that did absolutely nothing accept empty my pocketbook.

Tony and Get Your Lean On offers great knowledge on the foods we put in to our bodies and which foods are the best fuel to keep our bodies working efficiently as well as keeping us satisfied.  I have found I eat a lot more than I was before and am quite satiated, no longer experiencing any cravings for the “junk food”.

Thanks to Tony, I will be able to keep making healthy choices as I continue on this “not easy but simple” path. And I am going to enjoy the journey.

Tony, I cannot tell you enough what a difference you have made and continue to make in my life.

I could not have done this without you!

Lisa K

Kristie C.

My journey started a long time ago when I was a child. I have always been a little overweight even though I was pretty active. I guess looking back I just never really ate very well. Through my college years, it just got worse. I ate out all the time, and the studying stress helped food become my comfort. I was also one of those girls who was a friend to all the guys…you know, great personality but not girlfriend material. I got my heart broken more than once, which also helped me find comfort in food. At my highest weight, I was 210 pounds.

In my mid 20’s, I started working so much that it was hard for me to eat a lot, and I lost weight just from that. I got down to 180 pounds and stayed there. Then at 29, I decided I wanted to change, and I went on Weight Watchers. I got down to 154 pounds, but I was hungry all the time and just couldn’t stand the low calories.

I started eating what I thought was more normally and gained all my weight back, plus some! I tried any and every infomercial product and diet pill, but nothing was working. I was eating so little that when I would try to eat anything normal, I would just gain more weight.

At some point, I think I killed my metabolism. There I sat with my weight once again just over 180 pounds and completely frustrated. One day while I was chatting with a friend of mine, she pointed me to Tony, and I started looking his program. He talked about helping re-adjust your metabolism and that his plan was not calorie restrictive. I also liked the fact that he had a lot of recipes. They looked really good and I love to cook, so it made sense to give this a try.

I could tell my metabolism started changing because I was eating more meals and more calories, but the weight started coming off. I started incorporating so light workouts in addition to the meal plans. Before I knew it, 4 months had passed and I was down 44 pounds to bring me to 137 pounds! I was looking and feeling really, really good about myself and what I had accomplished.

I would like to say to others who are beginning their journey that there will be some bumps in the road, but please hang in there, because the end result is well worth it. Good luck to all!

Kristie C.

Sandy V.

Our family has a tendency to gain weight easily.  My mom use to yo-yo diet and eats lots of fruit and vegetables, but I never really saw her exercise my entire life.  My dad was very skinny in his youth, but as time went by he took gained weight.  This led to me…  I was very skinny in my youth, but once I hit high school I could no longer eat the amounts I use to in the past.  I also was not consistently working out.  My mom had ideas of how to lose weight, weird diets, and suggestions from T.V.’s etc., but never took me to a nutritionist.  I would have to say that my mom really didn’t have the information that she needed to provide me good direction when it came to health.  She always has managed to stay thin, but in my opinion not the way one should do it. I have been able to stabilize my weight as I have gotten more information, but I believe that getting educated by the experts is the way to go.

When I became a mom I did focus on what I thought was the right foods such as vegetable, fruit, chicken, etc. and Gaby was in sports year around.  She was a very active little girl and had a stable weight.  As she hit high school I did notice she was gaining weight.  I tried to provide advice and even suggested we get her a trainer.  She basically ignored my suggestions until one day we went dress shopping and she couldn’t fit into a dress that she liked due to the size.  She had gained weight and the size she would normally wear was available, but it did not fit.  So my sister had told me about the workout/health program she was doing with Tony and I saw the results.  I also saw she was eating foods that were natural and not processed.  I was impressed so as Gaby wanted help I thought I would reach out to Tony.

When Gaby, Tony, and I met I really liked his approach.  It wasn’t what the scale says, but it’s about getting healthy.  He did tell Gaby that the program would not work if she was eating poorly and then working out.  He advised that eating habits and a consistent workout regime was the key.

The list of foods and options that Tony provided has helped us get more creative on things we make at home.  Gaby was working out with Tony 3 times a week plus following the food program.  I could not believe how every week she was making more progress and looking great!  The key was for her to do it the right way, the healthy way, with a trainer that knew the food portion plus the workout.

Tony has done an amazing job informing my daughter to keep her body healthy.  His knowledge and sincere concern for his clients are what makes this program a success.  I am glad that I took my experience with weight loss and sought out for help with an expert because I didn’t want Gaby to lose weight in an unhealthy manner.  I wanted her experience to be a lifetime commitment to herself since ultimately it’s her body, but as a parent I wanted to teach her that going to the experts and doing it right leads to a healthy body and mind.

Gaby lost 27 lbs. and looks fantastic!  Thank you Tony!!  I will continue to promote your program because it promotes health.  We as adults should encourage our youth to do things the right way vs. taking the easy route.  The easy route leads to long term health issues and we should never lead our youth in that direction.

Thanks Tony for what you did for my daughter!!  She is on the right path to a very long and healthy life!!

Sandy V.

Gaby V.H.

It has been quite an amazing journey working with Tony. Throughout the process, I learned what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being truly happy with myself. For years I’ve never really been happy with the way I looked in the mirror, always feeling self-conscious, but now as I look in the mirror I see the person I want to be for the rest of my life. I get to enter my senior year of high school a new person, feeling better than ever.

So many people now come up to me and tell me how good I look. Hearing all those compliments has really boosted my confidence. I want to thank you Tony for always pushing me to go above and beyond and never giving up on me when I thought I was going to give up on myself. I would also like to thank him for treating me like an athlete instead of just a girl.

I can say that during my last session with you, it was a bitter-sweet moment. Bitter, because it would be our last day together and we had so many great inspiring talks but sweet because I knew that I had made it.

I still can’t believe how big of a change I’ve made in such a short time, it’s beyond me. I also can’t believe that we reached my goal of 25 lbs. in weight loss, it’s amazing! Tony, again thank you so much for everything that you have taught me! I have been transformed in more ways than one and I can’t wait to watch others take that same step and do what I’ve always wanted to do but never thought I could.

Take care,

Gaby V.H.

Jeffrey L.

I first met Tony 25 years ago when I was managing the Vic Tanny Health Clubs. I remember what an inspirational, energized, and full of life guy he was with a passion for fitness. As life’s journey continued; 23 years later I ran into Tony at a local grocery store. He still had an amazing passion and spark about his health and fitness and was very excited to share how he was changing people’s lives through his Get Your Lean On program. I had always been in to fitness and health myself , but found myself  looking for new strategies that I could incorporate for the rest of my life to obtain the healthiest me I could become,  I found that in Tony’s Get Your Lean On program. With Tony’s nutritional program I was reinvented back to the health conscious man I was 25 years ago. With Get your Lean On, in six months, I went from 42 inch pants to 34 inch pants, looking and feeling great!  I also have energy through the roof, better attitude and as Tony would say “the old Jeff is back.”  I am so thankful and blessed that through fate we connected once again. Tony has changed my life by giving me the tools and strategies to live my best life yet! Thank you for your program Get Your Lean On, your passion and your desire to help others reach their full potential.

Your Friend;


Scott V.

I started Tony’s program a month or two before Christmas 2013 with no specific goals. I didn’t feel I needed to lose weight and I have no health conditions that might be improved with better diet. But I’ve always been curious about diet and convinced that the American diet is driven more by profits of large businesses than by health concerns.

I did inadvertently lose weight – without hunger. And I would also say that I gained energy. And my experience was that Tony’s program is fun, easy and educational. It’s fun, because buying food becomes a game – looking at labels, and searching for what you can eat. It’s easy because Tony’s rules are simple and easy to understand. It’s educational because you begin to understand how most foods in your grocery store are thoroughly poisoned.

I would say that my biggest benefit has been a feeling of empowerment around my diet. I now feel comfortable and confident making food decisions. In the past, I was suspicious, but often ended up being swayed by false marketing. Now I know I’m making good decisions.

What’s most remarkable? I don’t feel like I’ve given up anything, or that I’m punishing myself. Instead, I listen to friends as they tell me about how healthily they eat while they spoon sugar into their coffee and poor catsup on their fries. The most difficult part is not saying anything until they ask.

Thanks for the education and knowledge you have passed onto me Tony, but most of all thank you for staying committed to your mission of truth.

Roger P.

I have struggled with my weight from childhood on, and I just settled for believing that’s the way life was for some. As I grew older, I searched for change and tried every diet plan imaginable. Most never worked, and the ones that did seemed to always restrict my calories so much that it was impossible to stay on them. I went up and down for years, never finding anything that would actually work for me long term.

A visit to my doctor put me in high gear searching once again for a way to lose weight. The news was that not only was I overweight, but my blood pressure and cholesterol were now at unmanageable limits and she highly recommended me to go on medication to get them back under control ASAP. I am totally against the thought of being on medication to bring my numbers in line. This prompted me to search for an alternative. That’s when I went to Tony for help. He taught me about the Get Your Lean On lifestyle and assured me I would never again have to starve myself to lose weight. The lifestyle was very simple to follow, and I couldn’t believe I was seeing results right away. I started at 240 pounds and now weigh 180 pounds.

I recently had a follow-up check up with my doctor, and she was ecstatic over my weight loss and blood test results. She asked me what I had been doing, and I told her about Tony’s plan. She was so pleased with the results that she is recommending this to others in her practice.

I have finally found something that will work for me long term. It’s worked so well for me that I now have my mother, sister, and daughter on it, and they are all seeing great results. Let me finish by saying I would have been the last person to ever consider joining a gym, but the changes I have seen and the way I feel about myself have helped me take that unimaginable step. I am now a member of a local gym and work out four days a week.

I just want to say thank you, Tony, for helping me change my life.

Rhoda S.

I have always been on the heavier side. I always dreamed of looking good “size wise”. I am a very pretty girl but maybe a little insure about certain this I guess but aren’t we all? I do have a huge heart though and always want everyone to be happy. I am personally a happy person by nature but want to experience being outrageously happy. That is one of my goals.

I have tried many diets as well as weight loss products and pills and YES have lost weight on some of them but always seemed to gain it all back and then some. I guess I just never knew how to eat correctly to be healthy and I know now that it was my biggest draw-back that held me from reaching my goal.

Then I found Tony’s book. I know Tony personally so I read his book and went over and over it while contacting him and asking him question to help me better understand this lifestyle process. I then put his book and help into play and in 2 months I was already down 30 pounds. My weight was coming off but the neatest thing was my energy level had gone way up. I finally understood the concept or connection between eating healthy and weight loss, better energy and feeling better. It was amazing.

I am now down a total of 61 pounds in a little over 4 months which is amazing to me. I know I have a ways to go to reach my goal yet but I also know it will happen and that’s the difference, I never felt this confident before. I am looking toward the day I reach my goal and look forward to feeling good, being healthy, and looking good the rest of my life.

Thank you for helping me and inspiring me Tony

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