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12-Week Shred Program




Are you finally ready to get your physique SHREDDED?

One question, have you ever thought about all of the hours you’ve spent on training, cardio and healthy eating? Yet you’re still not getting the results you’re looking for?

It’s incredibly frustrating! All that time, hard work and money but you’re still not achieving what you set out to accomplish!

I have now spent the better part of 40 years educating myself from the best trainers in the world to refine a fool proof way to get in incredible shape using methods which are underpinned by scientific research and my own personal experience!

Now I am offering you the opportunity to get in the best shape of your life using all of this knowledge.

I have packaged all the tools you need to achieve incredible results in my 12-Week Shred eBook Program.

This program is built for you and designed in an easy-to-follow training manual. It also offers nutrition flexibility as it features specific macros alongside alternative food choices.

This program includes:

  • My Push/Pull/Legs program that contains 12 different workouts across the program.
  • A specific nutrition protocol with a VARIETY of food choices including cheat meals!
  • Lifestyle tips to help you adhere to the plan and be time efficient.
  • A full supplement guide recommending the essentials YOU need to be taking.
  • A list of recommended foods that are ESSENTIAL for your shopping list.
  • MY 10 GYM Commandments.
  • Simple advice on how to adjust the nutrition to your lifestyle so you can keep progressing your physique after the initial 12-week period.

This program incorporates ALL of these features condensed into a 28-page eBook. My promise is… if you follow my program, it will not only revolutionize your physique it will also educate you on how your body works so you can finally achieve the physique you truly desire!


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