An Inspirational Life

An Inspirational Life

Have we forgotten who we are, or better yet, where we have come from? As we journey through life, we find ourselves struggling with the everyday events of our ego. What I mean by that is society spells out for us at a very early age that we must be better than others and that we need to be ‘number one’ so we can be a standout above all. So what have we had to surrender in our lives to believe that this is true?

Could this be the very reason why so many of us struggle with our own identity and continue to search for who we are and what makes us happy through our achievements, possessions and money rather than trusting what makes us feel worthy and good on the inside? It seem to me that the majority of people are in a continual search for ‘more,’ believing it will separate them and signify a better or greater self.

What if you could separate yourself from what you have vs. what makes you feel good inside? Remember as a child the excitement that you felt on your birthday or Christmas morning? Could you imagine having that feeling every single day when you wake up? What would your life be then? (Imagine) the possibilities…

What then could hold you back from living your dream (your true purpose)? There would be nothing that could stand in your way, for you would finally be living life the way it was meant to be lived without being afraid of being judged by others. This is our right, and each and every one of us deserves it.

When you surrender to this way of thinking, you open yourself up to a higher you, a more valued and giving you. It is a place inside each and every one of us where peace and prosperity are connected. This place is not measured in dollars or possessions, but a place far above. This is the place where gratitude comes from knowing you have helped or inspired someone through your actions, expecting nothing in return. When you can connect to this place inside of yourself and surrender to it, you will find yourself as a truly blessed and extremely rich person.

At that moment you will have unlocked the mystery of what is inside every single human being alive (why YOU are here) — what your specific purpose is. Your search will finally be over and you will then be on your true journey, the one your source (God) intended for you. Imagine the possibilities…

Remember, you are always just one thought away from changing your life!