How Do You View Success?

How Do You View SUCCESS?

What separates success from failure? There are some things that come to mind: lack of funding, lack of intelligence, lack of support and the list could go on infinitely. But these are misconceptions and couldn’t be further from the truth. People continually come up with these and many other so called reasons why they are not successful because it’s easier to go through life living with excuses rather than living life on purpose.

So how do we define success?

In my mind, there are two kinds of success: true success and dictated success. Dictated success is the success society labels us with, as evidenced by our money, possessions and accomplishments. True success comes from within and is only measured by us through our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Let me clarify that being successful is different to each and every person but the result is almost always the same: the measure of the sum of who we are defined by the way we are perceived by others. So the reality is that we continually search for success though acceptance rather than what we believe our life could be. Then we miss out on what we are truly here to deliver.

Society dictates to us how we must measure success. The more we have or the more we control the more successful we are thought to be. Odd isn’t it, that we would actually look at a person with more material things as a success story rather than what truly lies inside of him/her. This is why so many people who we would assume are successful lose touch with reality when what they had was lost or taken away. Take the money from the rich man who hasn’t found his purpose and so goes his identity.

This is why so very few people live truly successful lives. True success lies deep within our soul, the essences of why we exist, that in and of itself is our true purpose. When you are on purpose you are living life the way it was designed for YOU. The knowing will be divine, the feeling like none other.

Intention and passion are the driving force behind ‘purpose’ and ultimately connects you to true success. When one’s intentions are pure and serving to others, and you feel a deep desire to surrender to it, your life will become limitless. This is what is known as ‘a shift’ or an awakening to consciousness. You will be able to accomplish things you never thought possible because you will be cleared of the excuses you once used as roadblocks, roadblocks that have become launching pads.

Remember that we are all only human. But for those who are willing to push fear aside and take the time to discover their purpose (and the seed of purpose has been planted in each and every one of us), they will no longer have to search for success because true success will have found them.