An Inspirational Life

Making Your Dreams Come True

No matter what your endeavor, there’s a little 6 letter word you’re going need in order to make it happen. That word is “effort.” There is no dream that just happens. No prince charming to come along, scoop you up and carry you out of whatever horrible situation you are in. I’ve been around a long time, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that change of any kind comes from within – not from the outside, but from inside each individual who really wants it.

Wanting the change is the dream. Making it happen is the result of “effort.” A coach can be a very strong drive to goad that effort along and to guide you along the way, but when it comes right down to it it’s really all up to the person who is looking for change to do the work.

I have many personal examples of this. Early in my adult life I found myself in a marriage that was anything but my happily ever after. I waited (and prayed!) for my prince charming to come along – preferably a handsome one with a lot of money, but it never happened. When it came down to my own safety and that of my children, I had to grow a spine. It wasn’t easy, but through sheer determination and effort drawn from within I managed to get out of that relationship and went on to a better life for both my children and myself.

Another example would be when I decided to go to college and earn a degree so I could find a better paying job. I dreamed it for a long time, but dreaming it didn’t bring it about. I lacked confidence in myself and my ability to succeed, so I did it in baby steps registering for just a couple of classes at a local two year campus in the beginning. I later transferred to a four year campus. I loved every minute of this new experience, but talk about effort! I put my all into it! There were definitely times I wanted to throw in the towel because in spite of “loving it” – it was a whole lot of work and stress!

And yet, another more recent example – about two years ago, when I discovered a plethora of health issues were slowing me down and pulling me into the daily medication ritual that seems to assault many of us baby boomers and beyond. Type II Diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides, asthma, obesity – I was a mess! I really had to dig down and find the effort that seemed to have gone dormant.

With the help of a nutrition coach, I learned about nutrition and how it can either contribute to your ill health, or it can heal. I started eating right and eliminating the problem-causing foods my body craved. It took effort – absolutely, but it worked! It reversed my diabetes, lowered my bad cholesterol, raised my good cholesterol, helped to control my asthma, brought my weight back in a healthy range and gave me back the energy and good health my poor diet had stolen from me. It also saved me a bundle in the medications I no longer need!

So, what’s the bottom line? Fairy tales are for entertainment only. They are not real life, so dream on, my friend, but put a little effort into it if you really want to see those dreams come to fruition. Draw from the strength I know you have inside… and begin your new life today. You’re worth it!