Supplements – Do We Really Need Them?

Supplements – Do We Really Need Them?

We hear so many claims these days about the best super-food or the best new weight loss pill or extract. We here claims of the single best antioxidant or antioxidant supplement to battle cancer prevention or the latest and greatest new protein shake or powder that has the perfect blend of amino-acid compounds with the best assimilation rate.

Well I hate to debunk the idea that a supplement can actually do what it claims but what is the evidence to back it up? These manufacturers and marketing companies are obviously going to tell you they work and they’re the best on the market or they wouldn’t be in business very long. I am not saying that they’re all lying to you. The truth is, a lot of the people trying to push these products are clueless on their true results and a vast majority of them don’t even use the very products they try to push on you.

So what’s the skinny?

First, don’t ever be fooled. Be skeptical and ask a lot of questions and demand to see case studies. Ask if you can contact others that have bought their products to see what the real actual results were. PLEASE understand one thing, there is nothing that man can make that will ever take the place of what God has already provided for us. Supplements are exactly what the word says ‘nothing more, nothing less’. They are a supplement to be added in conjunction with “REAL FOOD” not in its place.

Do your research and be very careful when buying products with great claims. There is no one product that is the answer or the key to weight loss or optimal health. It is the continual compound effect of choosing nutritiously dense foods that can supply you with the right combination of essential amino acid compounds to complete its chain. It’s an array of antioxidants that will protect you from oxidative stress not one particular antioxidant. It’s a combination of all the nutritiously dense super-foods that will supply you with the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals needed to fight bad cells while replenishing good cells.

These combinations are absolutely necessary if you’re looking to become happy, healthy more vibrant and disease free. So the next time you’re looking into the next greatest quick fix that claims to have the answer you’re looking for remember ‘IT’S THE SUM OF THE WHOLE’ not ‘ONE’ of the whole that will help you achieve YOUR optimal health and YOUR perfect weight.