21 Awesome Meal Planning Tips

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Meal planning and prepping are wonderful skills to have in your personal health and wellness tool kit. A well-thought-out meal plan can help you improve your diet quality or reach…

The CFF Formula for Food Cravings

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Do you obsessively crave foods? Would you like to control those cravings? Well, there’s a simple formula you can use that will help you do just that. The CFF is…

Intermittent Fasting and Alcohol

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Are They Compatible? Intermittent fasting (IF) is one of the leading health trends today due to its proposed health benefits, including weight loss, fat oxidation, and reduced inflammation. (1) This…

The 9 Best and 7 Worst Condiments

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Adding certain condiments to your meals can be a great way to kick up the flavor and make basic, healthy foods tastier and more enjoyable. However, not all condiments belong…